CNC machining

Process capab ility is the key index to evaluate p roduct qua l ity consistency and equipm ent stability .

Th is paper studied the practica l problem s of the low process capa b ility of crankshaft center hole ,ana l yzed the root
reason of the therm a l deform ation of feed system ,

constituted m achine tool positioning counter m easure by applieation of FA N U C G 31 h J igh speed skip function for m easur i ng f i xture reference bore.Then m achine process
capa b ility is prom oted to the reliable level,and the schem e is transplanted to the sim ilar pr o blem s m achines ,
the gna l of the process capa b ility is r e a l ized .It has high econom ic ef f iciency and prom otion value.

Keywords :CNC machining CNC加工

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